Men Wanted

The original and ideal goal of Feminism was equality and societal and individual understanding of both sexes, not only of women. Men and masculinity were cast to the sidelines as the movement gathered strength and cultural recognition. Gender Studies programs have for the last three decades tended to focus on unearthing and giving voice to female, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender narratives. The male was deemed the representative of the majority and the voice of privilege and power, therefore very little attention or scholarship was given to male identity and experience because it was rarely seen as a story of struggle or otherness. The glaring omission of male studies is an error we wish to address with mStud. Males are the last frontier; the next unknown; the unconsidered sect of humanity that drags behind them a heavy résumé of historical relevance and influence. mStud regards this résumé as a façade that has rarely been peeked under since it has been perceived and presented as truth as opposed to a performance and costume worn by this un-studied tribe.

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