mStud Editorial Schedule

Every Tuesday:

Foundational Texts: Weekly summaries of writing, film, art, and other cultural or scholarly outlets that will contribute to the mStud curriculum and reading list.

Every Wednesday:

What’s In Your Wallet: A pictorial essay examining the contents of the wallet

Every Thursday:

Conversations with Men: 5 questions with men all over the city

Every Friday:

Sacred Objects: An examination of objects dear to men – tools, iPhones, the riding mower, the corvette, the desire to name cars and possessions, truck nuts, guns, etc.

Every other Sunday (beginning 2/6):

Cultural Icons and Archetypes: Clint Eastwood, Hugh Hefner, Jesus Christ

Every other Sunday (beginning 2/13):

Men’s Products: Packaging and marketing reviews of razors, underwear, deodorant, etc.

Every other Monday (beginning 1/31):

Men in the Media: Who’s on the cover of this week’s/ month’s magazines? What do they represent about masculinity?

Examination of the Sub-species: the hipster, the metrosexual, the geek, the old man, etc..

Every other Monday (beginning 2/7):

Men and Power: Positive and negative uses in the hands of men

Every other Tuesday (beginning 2/1):

Evolution of Male Costume: Where we present and examine male dress from olden times to today’s modern-day hipster lumberjacks.

Every other Tuesday (beginning 2/8):

Transitions in the Male Life Cycle: puberty, mid-life crisis, andropause

Genesis of the Male Myth: childhood– where does the differentiation begin? Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Mars and Venus on a Date

Men and Sexuality: How Gay Culture moves into the mainstream. How sex lives of men change in light of AIDS. Policies that affect sexuality (DADT)

Every other Wednesday (beginning 2/2):

Women and Masculinity: Women and Men who Subvert the Binary (i.e Androgyny)

Every other Wednesday (beginning 2/9):

Omega Males: Never-never land for men, peter-pan complex, men who never want to leave guyland, the culture perpetuated by Judd Apatow, etc.

The International Male: Customs, policies, societal norms, expectations of men in other countries.

Every other Thursday (beginning 2/3):

Male Mythologies: Religious and mythological examinations of men – Adam’s Rib, Greek mythology, etc.

Stereotypes and Etymology of Terms: the language of Male-Hood

Every other Thursday (beginning 2/10):

Cinematic Portrayal of Men: Men in film, men on television

Every other Friday (beginning 2/4):

Men and Redemption: Charlie Sheen, Ben Roethlisberger, Mel Gibson -How men get forgiven in culture, or do they?

Every other Friday (beginning 2/11):

Boys Club Deconstructed: Ivy Leages, Golf, ESPN, Pitchfork, Men’s Bath Houses, No Girls Allowed Signs

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