Quick Hits: Men and Masculinity in the News

Mychal Denzel Smith at the Root addresses the use of a homophobic slur by Kobe Bryant, and how homophobia needs to be addressed through re-examination of what it means to be a man.

On TomDispatch.com, Rebecca Solnit discusses the notion of male arrogance in her essay Men Explain Things To Me.

A look into the Conference on Male Studies comes across the Daily Transom at the NY Observer.

Newsweek asks whether or not manhood can survive the lost decade of the “Great Humbling” for “Beached White Males.” Somehow I think they’ll find a way.


Men in Film: Good Will Hunting

We are all Will, even if we don’t care to admit it too often. We are wandering blindly in an effort to grasp what great purpose might lead us forward into becoming men, husbands, fathers, mentors, or in our deepest dreams, heroes. We, cocky in an effort to hide our uncertainty, waiting for someone to pull us aside and whisper in our ear, “you passed, you’re a man now.” – Chris Cantoni, “Who We Choose To Be”

Great essay on manhood in the context of Good Will Hunting on Bright Wall Dark Room.